Costa Rica

Costa Rica represents 0.03% of the global area, located in Central America is a country that proudly protects 5% of the expected biodiversity for the planet. Costa Rica is among the 20 most biodiverse countries. This wealth is mainly due to its geographical location in the tropics, its geological history (forming a bridge between two continental masses). Two coasts and a geography that provides a great variety of microclimates.

The protected areas represent slightly more than 26% of the territory, with a total of 166 protected areas. These areas are located throughout the country, most of them being located in the upper parts of the mountain ranges and along the coasts.

Costa Rica ranks third worldwide in the classification of Environmental Performance Index. This is a very important legacy and responsibility for Costa Ricans and tourists alike, who want to practice a kind of low-impact tourism, to ensuring leave this unique and irreplaceable natural heritage for future generations.

On the other hand the country has the most stable democracy in Latin America, the last armed conflict was in 1948, on December 1st of the same year, the General Figueres, victorious in the civil war abolished the army in Costa Rica, and to this day we can proudly say we have NO army!

With this fact the country is focused on providing better education, health care and social security for all its citizens, is today one of the countries with the highest rate of education and life expectancy worldwide and the third safest in Latin America.

If you wonder: Why this territory is so different from many other tourist destinations that has traveled? Then come, discover it, visit places you never imagined, secluded beaches, rainforest clad mountains, rivers and waterfalls, caves and unique formations, active volcanoes and more… share with us in an atmosphere of hospitality and kindness characteristic of Costa Ricans.