About Shaman Tours

Shaman Tours is a 100% Costa Rican company founded by me, Randall Umaña Ortiz. I was born and rise in the outsides of San José, Costa Rica. I lived my childhood surrounded by dairy farms, creeks and green mountains that were my playgrounds… That made me love nature, a love that grew up with the years.

After living in United States for a few years and travel to other countrys in Latin America, I came to finish school, to become a certified tour guide by the Costarican Board of Tourism. I was ready to share my love for my country with all the tourist that come with the idea of learn about this beautiful and unique place…And that is how this company began, with the vision of providing tourists the cultural and natural history, while enjoying landscapes and places full of tranquility and/or adventures as you wish.

Currently, I am based in Guanacaste, the north western part of Costa Rica, the least populated province of the country, a place that I love, with a great climate all year around, pristine beaches, volcanoes, national parks, small villages and a strong culture that remembers the most authentic of our roots.

This is my office, a country full of colorful places that impress me again and again, everyday… How could I not love it!

Our mission is to provide the best and most authentic service, to make your vacation the most memorable, creating between us a bond, sharing moments that you want to repeat and share as friends.

Our vision is to continue guiding you to learn more about our country, encourage you to return, to feel the wonders of nature.

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